Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update: Lurking

For all of my faithful lurkers who had decided to take the courage and identify yourself, I would like to give you a big thanks! I'm so proud of you. I'm still not sure if I would comment on someone's blog that I lurk on if I read such a post. And, I would like to welcome you to comment and join the fun - I promise I don't think it's weird or stalker-esque.

I feel like I just had a huge confession on my blog and everyone chimed in, saying they do the same thing. Thanks for reassuring me that it's not too terribly strange to lurk on blogs...

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The Miersma Family said...

so i know you through joe but then i guess moreso in association with southcrest... :)
on a different note, i just got google reader and added you guys - yay!! and now i'm catching up on all your past posts since i saw you in may and told you i read about the jesus storybook bible and thought it was fun that sally lloyd-jones left a comment! i love that book, too, btw.
anyhow, i've had you guys on my blog list since then, so i'm probably adding to your lurkers because i can see on my sitemeter page that some of my readers go to your page! ;) let me know if you'd prefer me take your link off though! no problem!
i initially came to your blog through jord's - yours and the hubiks - and was just excited to see a familiar name.
as far as lurkers go, i'm one, too!...doesn't it seem overly zealous (or some word like that) to leave a comment everytime you read a new post on every blog you visit?...i like commenting on blogs but sometimes i feel weird cause it seems like not many people do it! ya know?!?!
well, i hope you are glad to know of one more lurker...i'm one of the possible many in kentucky...
later lady, jennifer