Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Kicks

I don't think that anyone will argue that the feeling of getting a new pair of kicks is purely delightful! Seriously.

You can only imagine how elated my sweet husband was when my mom gave him money for a new pair of custom made cowboy boots as a graduation gift and he finally got them! And add that to the fact that he has wanted custom made boots for his entire life.

I do admit, I'm quite envious. I'd love some new kicks like this. For now, my high top camo converse tennis shoes will have to do!


Anna said...

There's only one word for boots like that: Sweet.

Brittany said...

that is awesome! i am so glad he finally got them... they look GREAT! and he looks so happy!!

mrs.fitz said...

those are lovely. I seriously gasped when I clicked my link for your blog and let out a nice, "ooooh" when I saw them.