Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reduction Destruction

In case any of you are interested, my good friends Dustin & Heidi joined Andy & I in creating a blog where you can follow all of our deals. The blog is called Reduction Destruction and we're using it to share the money saving techniques that we have incorporated into our every day lives that help us save more, give more, and spend less. We'll be posting deals and tips especially for those in the Lubbock area, but you'll still learn a lot even if you're not from here.

Please add us to your Google reader, follow our blog, and leave us comments and emails with your ideas or deals!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for notifying us of the 12 days of Whataburger. We are so pumped that today is the free shake. We took advantage of fries, justaburgers, and pies. We arrived a little after 11am (a little too late) for the taquitoes. Thanks again. The Robinsons