Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letters from Grandma

This past week my Grandmother (my dad's mom) passed away. We celebrated her life this past Saturday, exactly 13 years after my dad passed away. Now, together with all those who have believed in Jesus, they are enjoying Jesus face to face for all eternity. Below is a tribute to my Grandma that I wrote that was read at her funeral.

Letters from Grandma

As long as I can remember, I have been receiving letters from my Grandma. It was always a special treat to get a handwritten letter from her, which were full of everything from updates of everyday life, to strong opinions (which we all know she had many of), and intensely personal thoughts and feelings which are sometimes difficult to verbalize but seem to flow when written with ink and paper. I would return these letters, sharing all of the same things, sometimes clumsily as only a child can do, but slowly learning the long lost art of letter writing. The letters would flow back and forth between us, as we became special pen pals. As the rest of the world shifted from the age of the post office to email, my correspondence with loved ones shifted to quick and simple emails. Still, the well thought out, intentional letters between Grandma and I continued to flow as she remained my last remaining pen pal in a world of technology.

Now there remains boxes full of these letters, precious reminders of the love contained in each one. I will deeply miss these letters, and most of all I will miss my Grandma - the person of love and great character behind them.


Kevin Fitzgibbon said...

awesome post, Alissa. Love you guys.

Abby said...

So sorry your G'mother passed away! Congrats on having a baby!!! SO excited for you!
Keep up the blogging, love reading it!

The Miersma Family! said...

how special! i'm thankful to hear that she is with your daddy and most of all with Jesus! we will continue to pray comfort and peace for your family!