Thursday, May 29, 2008


After much deliberation, I got a pair of chacos. I tried some on at a store in Ruidoso but they said I needed size 12 wide which they did not have. I finally ordered some online. I got them in last night and was concerned that they were too big. But, I double checked the sizing chart at the chaco website, chatted online with a rep from Rock Creek where I bought the chacos, and I spoke on the phone with Joe from the Chaco store and they all assured me that the fit is right and 12 Wide is indeed the size for me. Joe from the Chaco store also wears 12 wide and also had some extra sandal at the end of his toes and also thought they looked kinda big when he first tried them on. He said he likes them now. Lucas from Rock Creek said that would keep my toes from getting stubbed.

I might have to send them to Chaco to adjust the length of the straps but I'm going to wear them for a few days and see what happens. I'm hoping to try them out on a hike in the Big Bend this weekend.

If all shopping were this difficult, I think that I'd become a nudist.


Anna said...

Ha ha. :D

You are FUNNY dude.

jordan said...

drew would be so proud...he does say that the "breaking in" stage is kind of a pain, but worth it is the end. Chaco people are kind of like Apple people...careful of the strange cult you are entering into. :)

mrs.fitz said...

you know you can adjust the straps yourself?? that's the beauty of chacos!

Andy said...

Yes, of course I know you can adjust the straps yourself! I was referring to the back strap which you can't adjust and the length of the strap with the buckle which bottoms out sometimes.