Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

I absolutely love Cinco de Mayo! It's one of my favorite holidays. So, in celebration we had some of our friends over for a party. It was a blast, and was celebrated appropriately - complete with Tejano music, fajitas, margaritas, mexican beer, and a pinata!


Anna said...

You two look hilarious! And the puzzle choker is beautiful.

jordan said...

we had a great time jolissa. thanks for always reminding us of the important...battle...that mexico won on the fifth of may. :)

maybe next year I will be able to drink margaritas again- gosh lets hope so!

Phillip M. Way said...


I told a friend of mine who plays in a Norteno band (Groupo Masivo) that I wanted some mood music for Cinco de Mayo but I could not find my Ballads of the Alamo CD. HA! :)