Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008 Overview

Merry be-lated Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a splendid holiday! As my three blog followers may have noticed, I have been somewhat absent this month, but for good reason. As usual, it has been a hectic holiday season, so rather than give the play-by-play updates, I'm going to give you a little overview. We'll start with my tree (shown above). Isn't it pretty? The gold, green, and real peacock feathers are this years addition, along with the green sparkly leaves.Here's our mantle. There are simply three stockings because the hangers spell "Joy". Don't get any ideas.

One of my coworkers and I baked these beautiful homeade cinnamon rolls so that we would have (cheap) good tidings to give everyone in our office. They were delicious!
Classic. These are the finalists from the Redeemer Youth Christmas party ugly sweater contest. Beautiful pose. (David, on the right, won.)This is what your mantle looks like at Christmas when you have a lot of kids. And when I say a lot, I mean at least 12. Plus spouses and grandchildren. The Tardy's had a Christmas party for our small group and an apartment complex at their house.

Aren't these cool? I made one too. This is also from the small group Christmas party.
A couple in our small group are getting married in a few weeks and we threw them a wedding shower at our house. It was lots of fun, as you can see.
And my second (or third) cousin-in-law, Cary, made this beautiful ham for the shower. I was impressed.
We had a Christmas Eve meal with my mom's parents and some of my mom's side of the family. This is Mimi and Papa, whom I adore.
This is my mom, her sister, and their cousin. They giggle like little schoolgirls when they get together.
We then proceeded to have a 5:30pm Christmas Eve dinner at Andy's grandparents following our 2:30pm lunch at my mom's. Here's some of the ladies from his side of the family: his mom, me, my sister-in-law Anna, and my sister-in-law Shannon.We spent Christmas day with Andy's brother Jason, shown above. It was fun and festive, as is apparent to all from the juggling...

And the instrument playing by my husband...
And I even got to play dress-up with my niece, Hannah.

These are simply little snippets from the month. It was a busy month, but lots of fun!


mrs.fitz said...

love these pics. thanks for the overview. :) and i like your hair!

Brittany and Chase said...

so fun! thanks for sharing all your pics. I love the one from the shower!! i will be stealing that one! great seeing ya'll Wednesday night. excited for small group to start up again. love ya!

jordan said...

awww, this makes me miss y'all...can we hang out soon? please??

p.s. the "word verification" to post this comment is undies. haha