Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bringing in 2009

Happy New Year!!! We brought the new year in well, as you can see by the fun pictures :)

Andy and I sat down on New Year's Day at Dion's Pizza with our journals and set goals for 2009. We did this last year and it has proved to be very beneficial in helping us re-orient and prioritize. Hopefully it will be a family tradition!

From our reflections here are some things we are thankful for that went down in 2008:
  • Helping plant our church, Redeemer Church, which has been a tremendous blessing to be a part of.
  • Seeing another Perspectives class finish this past fall.
  • Having one new niece on my side of the family and a new niece and nephew on Andy's side!
  • Finishing year two of marriage and still being in love with each other.
  • Starting a new position at work (me).
  • Beginning a new record (Andy).
  • Finishing college (Andy).
  • Being a part of our tremendous small group.
  • Caring for and being cared for by lots of great friends.
  • Learning how to save gobs of money by couponing.
Here are just a few goals for us in 2009 (I'll spare you the long list):
  • Host another Perspectives class, along with a concurrent children's class.
  • Become more consistent in our prayer and Bible reading, individually and as a couple.
  • Increase our savings and our giving.
  • Make healthier choices (walking more, eating more fruits and veggies, eating smaller portions).
  • As a couple treating each other with our best and most kind attitudes, instead of treating each other with less kindness and respect than we would others.
I am thankful for God's tremendous provision for us this last year, and my prayer is that this year would give us a fuller understanding of his grace!

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