Sunday, February 22, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I was able to travel with Andy to one of his favorite cowboy gigs in Elko, NV. This is the largest gathering of it's kind with 10,000+ people. It was a lot of fun!!! Here are some pictures from the trip:

Because of ice and a crashed FedEx plane, we (Andy, Andy Wilkinson, and I) were delayed 13 hrs in Lubbock, of which we spent at least 6 in the airport. We were quite excited to arrive in Elko nearly 24 hrs later.
This is the Western Folklife Center in Elko, NV, where the gathering is held.
This is inside the Western Folklife Center - a real live, western bar. It seriously looked like it was out of the movies.
Here is the Stockman's Hotel & Casino, where a lot of goings on occur during the gathering. We however, did not stay here (unfortunately).
This is The Gillette Brothers (Pip Gillette and Guy Gillette), Andy, and Andy Wilkinson backstage.
Here are some friends we made: Andy Wilkinson, Phyllis & Guy Logsdon, and Andy. Guy is the world's premiere expert on Woody Guthrie, for all you Woody fans.
Inside the Western Folklife Center were several exhibits, including this quilt commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Elko gathering. It is composed of some of the brands of different artists who have been coming to the gathering over the years.
Even though Andy doesn't have a ranch, he has a brand. (Who would have known?) He was honored to be recognized on this quilt.
Andy is being interviewed about how he stumbled into performing at cowboy gatherings.
This is from one of Andy's performances that was in the format of a Q&A interview with songs.
Aren't these little ranch girls cute? They were so authentic, I just couldn't help but snap their picture.
This is Andy & Andy with a cowboy poet named Waddie Mitchell.
This is Andy with a good friend of his named Randy Rieman. Randy always reminds us to love Jesus!
And finally, this is Andy, Andy, and I enjoying a nice show by Mike Beck and his band at the Stray Dog.


jordan said...

looks like alissa! ok so the ranch brand thing- is that really for andy, or just a ranch brand and coincidentally has his initials (I can't pick up sarcasm on the blog...)

jordan said... looks like alissa I meant looks like fun alissa...I don't know why I left that key adjective out.

Alissa said...

well apparently every male who has ever cowboyed or aspired of being a rancher has their own "brand". and everyone knows each others i guess.

who would have known?