Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Sweet Reminder of Christ on Easter

I posted a few months ago about our church moving into a real, grownup church building. One thing I mentioned was the unusual baptisms we had prior to having a baptistry - a swimming pool, a portable hot tub, and an almost kiddie pool. I figured these unusual settings were over once we had a baptistry.

I was wrong.

Today at 4pm, our pastor baptized a brother and sister in our hot tub in our backyard.

Why? Because of security issues. In country they are from in Central Asia it is illegal to be a Christian. They have a friend who was recently murdered for being a Christian and wanted a smaller, more intimate setting.

Pray with me that they would follow hard after the Lord, and if they go back to their home country they would bring the gospel where it is illegal and that many who have never heard the name of Jesus would come to faith through their testimony.