Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Need Your Help

For a little while now I have been contemplating doing something different with my hair.

Here are the options:

1. A cute haircut (I don't want to take much length off).
  • Pros: Undamaged hair, cheaper.
  • Cons: My hair is fine and thin and straight and tends to look stringy.
2. A perm.
  • Pros: Something different, it gives tons of body to my hair, can wear straight or curly.
  • Cons: It's a beast when I grow it out, damages hair, costs money.
3. A fun color - preferably red.
  • Pros: Also something different, lots of fun.
  • Cons: Washes out fast, more maintenance to upkeep as it grows out, costs money.
Just to give you all an idea of what I look like with a perm and with red in my hair, here are some old pics. The first two are of a perm (one with the hair down, the other with it pulled back), and the last one is with the red.

So, I need your help. If you are a lurker now is the time when I need you to comment and to be brutally honest. What should I do? What do you like best?


Anna said...

My first choice would be a cute haircut, second, dye it red.

kirstin said...

oooh, you look darling with your hair permed!!!
though, if it were me, I'd go with cute haircut... I just can't seem to keep on top of color/a style that's lots of maintenance.

Andy said...

I would either perm it or do a funky color but you look beautiful either way!

Ashley said...

Hey Alissa!

Haven't seen you in forever!!! We need to have a Girl's Night, even if it's not for a shower ;0)....

Anyway, as far as the hair goes. I think the red looks great on you as does the perm. I am not much of a risk taker when it comes to anything but a cute haircut. I am not good at the up keep and not a fan of the cost. That said, I admire risk takers....but also can totally relate to sticking with a really cute haircut.

Change, in any fun!

annamarie said...

Color, always, color, no commitment! :)

love you cuz!

mrs.fitz said...

Red low lites are a good option, because while it's fun, it's not much upkeep because as they fade out, you don't have to re-do it. A cute cut is great too, but could end up costing money if you like it enough to keep the cut.

The Miersma Family said...

i like all the options on you so it'll have to be whether you want to keep up with whatever you choose...

if i were you i would probably just get a cute you still have bangs? if not you could have some cut cause you look good with those too!

Amber said...

i'm sure you will look great with any new hairstyle! your blog is so fun, i love it!! so glad to hear from you again...i'd been wondering how you've been for a while! i like the pic of you and your mom in front of the fridge our house! ah, the good ol days of chatting online while we were down the hall from eachother!! LOL good times!