Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Special Thank You (A Guest Post from Andy)

So, I don’t usually post on the blog but I did want to make a special post today. I was about to start writing thank you notes for graduation gifts and I just wanted to say a special thank you to my wife for helping me through school.

Many folks have encouraged me to go to school over the years, but she was the first person to actually help me look into different schools, get enrolled, take placement tests and figure out what classes I needed to take first. She also helped me pick out a degree plan and from day one as been my adviser, making sure I was taking only classes that I needed.

All through the last four years, she has helped me study for tests; edit papers, and constantly encouraged me whenever I felt like quitting or taking a break for a while. She has always said that we are in school together and she was always willing to help me study for a test or help me write a paper whenever neither one of us had time for it.

Furthermore, for the first two and a half years of our marriage she has endured me being in class two or three nights a week and she has always had hot meals waiting for me, and shopping and house work finished so that we could hang out. And, she has never once complained about it.

I am certain that I would never have started much less finished school without her help and encouragement.

Thank you babe!

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Alissa said...

you are SO sweet to me! i love you and i'm proud of you.