Monday, March 23, 2009

Live the Dream in Silverton, TX

Apparently the welcome sign outside of Silverton, TX, population 770 used to read "Live the Dream". Unfortunately they tore this sign down some time ago.

One of my friends was born and raised in the thriving metropolis of Silverton, TX. She was hanging out at our house a week or two ago and casually mentioned her plans to go on a hike to a waterfall on some private property in Silverton. I invited myself, and then invited my cohort Whitney, who works with me at the Institution (the bank). So, this past weekend, Andy, myself, and the Cohort joined some folks in Silverton, TX, to make the hike to Linguish Falls. It was breathtaking.

Kevin from Seattle joined us. He was incredibly amused with the whole Silverton experience, being from cultured Seattle. We were amused with him. Particularly such questions as, "Do you have to have a permit to hunt hogs on someone's land?" We were also amused with his admission that he was somewhat intimidated by the cows. Here is a picture of him charging the cows in the pasture we drove through to get to our hike. He wanted to pet some cows.
Here's the cohort, Whitney:
This is my friend Jenny, from Silverton, who is responsible for the hike:
This is Jenny's dad - aka the Trail Guide (notice Jenny's appearance in the background). We had to squeeze through that hole:
We also had to weasle through this opening. Here's Andy, Whitney, and Jenny's brother Tanner at the bottom:
You don't see too many of these alive, now do you?

Little Jodi had the shortest legs of all of us, so we were wondering how she'd make it through here. Doesn't she look cute though?Here's myself, and another breathtaking picture of the rock formations. At least half of our hike was in between rock formations like this, what they call, "The Narrows".
This is a small detour we took to "Devil's Kitchen". You can kind of see where we climbed to get up here.
This is also considered "the Narrows":
Finally, at Linguish Falls:

Again, here's Seattle Kevin chillin above the waterfall:Isn't Andy cute? He was hanging out by the waterfall:
And here's our wonderful guide again:
Here's Jenny's little brother Tanner, with his dog Red. Yes, Red made the hike with us too, which was actually quite impressive. A pretty cool dog, I have to say!
And all the ladies hiking back:
The last 15 minutes of the hike was uphill on a steep incline of cleche road. I thought my lung was going to pop, and that's not an exagerration. I felt better about myself when I heard Whitney confess the same thing.

When we got back to the Young household, Jenny's parents were cooking up a storm for us hungry hikers. While they were cooking, we went on a Silverton tour. It didn't take very long. Here is the historic jailhouse. I'm supposed to be pretending to be thrown in jail. Andy decided he would yank my hair, but he's laughing so it's not very believable. Actually, I think everyone is laughing. It mostly just looks weird...
Seattle Kevin wanted a West Texas rock star band picture. This was our best attempt...
Jodi and Jenny think there was a bug on the ground they were both staring at. Jenny is actually sitting on something, but looks akwardly like she's hanging mid-air. It's a pretty terrible rock star attempt.

And last but certainly not least is a picture of the whole gang:What a fun group! Who knew that Silverton, TX, is where to live the dream?


Anonymous said...

i know about "living the dream" in silverton, tx....but some of us always said it was more like a nightmare....glad you had fun!

Amanda said...

The pictures you took were great, especially the West Texas rock star band one

mrs.fitz said...

I'm a little jealous, The Narrows look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Grew up in the area, Lockney, to be exact and knew lots of Silverton folks. Great history behing Linguish Falls. Have made many trips down and this makes me want to make another.
Bobby Webster
Baton Rouge, LA

Russell Bingham said...

The narrows run between my grandads old place and the old lemons place on the north. I spent a lot of time going to the falls. Of course the water was a little deeper then and we would jump off into the pond. Haven't been in 20 yrs. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Formerly from Silverton TX, Russell Bingham.

Mike Badgett said...

I grew up in Floydada in the 1950's. One Jan 1st four of us hiked out to Linguish Falls and decided to be the first to swim there that year! We stripped down and dove in. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. We didn't catch our breath till we were driving home. Makes good memories though!