Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Zoom Lens

Thanks to my wonderful coworkers, I got a massive gift card for my birthday and was able to purchase a new zoom lens for my camera! Happy birthday to me. I think the thing I like about the zoom is that you're able to take pictures of people without them noticing that you're taking pictures of them. And I love people pictures! Here's a few random pics I've taken with my new lens.

Here's little Keadryn (Jordan took this one).

And Sayla. Don't you love the tongue?

This is Joel, enjoying the slide.

Which do you like better of Kelsey? Color or sepia?

Here's a few in sepia that I thought were fun - Salem and Whitney.

I know this is racy, but it was a random painted sign in the Depot District and ended up being a really cool picture! (No, it's not anyone I know.)

P.S. - Andy and I just got back from a wonderful vacation in NYC. As soon as I have a chance, I'll post about it.


jordan said...

YAY! you found the pictures that were missing. that's good news. I erased them right after I put them back on your card, so I thought they were lost for good.

love it and can't wait to see you on thursday!

mrs.fitz said...

I like the color one better, but I do like the sepia ones of sam and whitney. (and thanks for your comment on my blog)

Elisabeth said...

I like the color one better. Great shots!