Friday, May 8, 2009

NYC - Day 1

We arrived in NYC amid swine flu fears. Our dear friend, Chris Sand (aka "The Rappin' Cowboy"), was waiting for us at the airport. You can rest assured that swine flu jokes abounded. I was particularly amused when I saw this at a drugstore:
Seriously, do you really think that latex gloves are going to keep you from contracting the swine flu if it's as big of a pandemic as the media is making it out to be?

When we met up with Nikki we were all thrilled to grab a burger at Five Guys. Their slogan "Worth the Pilgrimage" is true.

If you want an explanation on this, please ask Chris...
Thursday evening, we went to see a new Broadway play called "God of Carnage". There are only 4 actors (including Jeff Daniels from "Dumb and Dumber") in the entire play, which takes place on one set. I highly recommend it!By the end of the play, the pristine living room set was not so pristine any more.

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