Sunday, May 17, 2009

NYC - Day 3 - Part 3

In our short time in Woodstock, we were able to do just a tad of exploring the town. Come to find out, the Woodstock festival that we all know of was actually not held in the town of Woodstock, NY, but actually 60 miles away. Am I the only one who feels lied to about this? Nevertheless, the town was just what I would have imagined it to be - earthy, hippie, music loving, and a tad commercial from all the hype.

Don't you think if you were going to protest war that picking any place other than Woodstock might be productive? I'm just sayin, I think that maybe Woodstock in general might be anti-war. Just a guess.
Goodbye Woodstock! And thank you Nikki for driving in NYC. This picture is proof to show your mother that you really did drive in NYC, and we all lived to tell about it!

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