Monday, April 14, 2008

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Andy and I for the first time ever officially read a children's Bible together and we thoroughly enjoyed it (no, we are no expecting babies anytime soon). I had been hearing about The Jesus Storybook Bible for quite some time. My pastor has gone through it with his son and he highly recommends it. Since we don't have children, it wasn't exactly at the top of my to-buy-soon list. However, a few weeks ago we stumbled across a huge chunk of store credit at Mardels, and I decided it would be a good opportunity to pick up this book. When I brought it home, I stuck it on our shelf with lots of unread books. A few days later, I happened upon an article on Christianity today called, "A Very Grown-up Children's Bible" and after reading this, I pulled the book off the shelf and asked Andy if he wanted to read it with me. We had a blast reading it! The illustrations are awesome, and we found ourselves laughing at lots of them. Not only that, but there is so much rich theology throughout the book, but in children's language. I find that most children's bibles make heros out of particular Bible characters, but downplays their weaknesses. On the contrary, The Jesus Storybok Bible takes each story and talks about the failures of the Old Testament figures and how Jesus fulfills all the promises and keeps the Law perfectly.

My favorite depiction in the book was the contrast between Adam and Jesus. In Genesis, you see Adam succumb to the temptation of the snake as the snake jeers at him, "Does God really love you? If he does, why won't he let you eat the nice, juicy, delicious fruit? Poor you, perhaps God doesn't want you to be happy", and Adam fails. When Jesus comes and is being tempted in the wilderness by the same snake, you see Him overcome this temptation! "Jesus wasn't like Adam. Jesus was a new kind of man. He would not believe the terrible lie that the enemy spoke. Jesus knew God loved him. And he would trust God. No matter what. It was just as God has promised to Adam and Eve all those years before. Jesus had come to do battle against the snake's work. He would get rid of the sin and the darkness and tear. And he would suffer - but he would win."

So exciting and so true!!! I'm so thankful that Jesus' righteousness counts for me!


Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Alissa

I'm the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible and I came across your blog via a google alert thing and thought I'd stop by and say Hi.

Thanks so much for sharing about the book--I'm so glad you're enjoying it. It's God's Wonderful Story--and i'm so honored to have a part in retelling it for children. And grown-ups too! I hear that a lot. How cool the way God works. To use a children's book to reach adults. But then again something about that isn't surprising either!

Anyway, my best to you both


PS you may be interested to know about some cool resources on my site connected with the book, including audio of readings from the bok, downloadable stories, interviews and reviews--as well as other new children's books

mrs.fitz said...

I completely agree....Davis and I are reading through it, and it is so so so good. I've been wanting to blog for a while about the Bible as well, and probably still will eventually.

Alissa said...

Thanks for posting, Sally! We really have enjoyed your book, it's been a blessing for sure! I made a little post on my few blogs about it as well as I was reading the book.

The Miersma Family said...

hi alissa!!! i just found your blog through jord's!! and i wanted to say hi and that i love this book too!! it seriously makes me cry when i read it to kate - it's so worshipful for me! anyhow, just wanted to say hi! i'll check back in later!