Thursday, April 24, 2008

Martin Sexton

This weekend Andy and I were able to squeeze in a concert of one of my favorite musicians, Martin Sexton. We actually first found Martin Sexton a couple of years ago by accident when he opened for Nickel Creek in Austin at Stubbs. At that point, we had no idea who he was and were floored by his performance. He has such a great energy on stage, and we enjoyed him much more than Nickel Creek. So when I saw that he was going to be playing in Dallas at the House of Blues on the very same weekend that we were going to be in the Dallas area, we immediately bought tickets.

I have to say, I honestly enjoyed his last performance better than this one. I think the songs on his album "Live Wide Open" are better than the songs on his newest album "Seeds". With that being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed this concert. We were front and center - literally. So close that he told me "bless you" when I sneezed. I decided after this concert that I appreciate different artists for different reasons. Martin Sexton's songs aren't necessarily lyrically deep, but the things I love about him are that he is so very unique in his style, and he is extremely passionate. He does the most incredible things with his voice and is able to sound like a full band by himself. On top of that, he really has an incredible and unusual ability to get the crowd involved. My favorite was when he performed the song "Gypsy Woman"!

If you get the chance, you should definitely see him perform! He's certainly much better live than on CD, but if you're interested, "Live Wide Open" is definitely my favorite of his albums. The pictures above and some I snapped from the front row!

By the way... Andy owns the same shirt Martin Sexton was wearing. Random.

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