Thursday, April 3, 2008

Should I laugh or get angry?

Christian sub-culture is a strange thing. Maybe even an contradiction in a sense (aren't we supposed to be persecuted?). It's interesting the effects of it. Above are some pictures a friend of mine took at a Christian bookstore. I think every time I go into a Christian bookstore I see things like this, and am flooded with mixed emotions - do I laugh hysterically or puke?

Along the same line of thought, here's a link to an interesting article on Justin Taylor's blog called, "Why Should Conservative Evangelicals Have All the Bad Music?" (reminiscent of the old Larry Norman song, "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music").

Just this week, my good friend Nikki was forced into going to a church where the pastor began to pray for millionaires in his congregation. He said, "I pray for not just one millionaire to be raised up in this church, but for 10 or 12." He proceeded to address all college aged people in attended if they would like to be millionaires some day. Hands shot up everywhere. He then gathered them around himself at the front of the congregation and prayed for all of them to become millionaires some day.

Oh, and he did tag on at the end, "So that you can give so much to the church."



mrs.fitz said...

wow...right there with ya. the millionaire bit is pretty horrific.

John said...

A few weeks ago our choir led the church in singing "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands." We weren't happy and didn't clap.

Laugh or get angry? I haven't decided yet. We feel more like crying.