Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Hedges.

No silly, I'm not talking about us.

I'm talking about the shrubs we planted in our front yard recently:

One of the previous owners of our house thought it would be a brilliant idea to put gravel in all the flower beds surrounding our house (this one pictured, all along the back fence, next to the shed, along the side of the house, behind the master bedroom and surrounding all the trees). Since I have been in school during the majority of my time in Lubbock, I didn't mess with the flowerbeds. Gravel is pretty low maintenance, believe it or not! However, I've been itching for quite some time to put real landscaping in at our house. All it took was a buy one shrub get one free coupon to entice us to do the work on the front flowerbed.

So my wonderful husband decided to start on a Friday afternoon while I was working to get a head start. Soon after he started digging, I got a call. Apparently the people who put in the gravel really liked it, because it was about 4 inches deep. And in ALL of the flowerbeds. After much backbreaking labor, we finished the front flowerbed completely, shrubs and all, and dug up all the gravel in about 1/3 of the backyard! We're anxious (sort of) to get more done in the backyard this weekend!!!

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mrs.fitz said...

holy cow, 4 inches!!! that is some serious gravel-lovin'.