Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Husband: The Laundry Nazi

Most wives probably hate it that their husbands don't help out around the house. My husband is wonderful at helping out around the house! Sometimes to a fault... You see, he has this odd obsession with laundry. If there is not always a load in the washer, something is wrong. Something went wrong this week - the dryer stopped working. And Andy freaked out.

Andy: "What are we going to do?"
Me: "Wait until we get a repairman out."
Andy: "But, that could be a couple of days."

Yep, a couple of days when we have a closet full of clean clothes. The world might stop.

Much to his delight, the repairman made it out today to fix our dryer. We went a total of 3 days without a dryer. Andy just about had a stroke. So, I figured what a perfect opportunity to play a good old fashioned prank on him. After the repairman met me at the house, I gave him a ring.

Me: "Well, there's good news and bad news."
Andy: "Okay, what's the bad news?"
Me: "The repairman said he can fix it, but he has to order a part for it and it will be a week before it will get in."
Andy: Silence.
Me: "Are you there?"
Andy: "What are we going to do?"
Me: "I guess just wait a week to do laundry."
Andy: Long pause. "A whole week?"

Hehe. Don't worry, folks. I didn't let it go on for too long. When he got home tonight, he sighed a deep sigh of relief seeing that the dryer was indeed working, and said, "What a day of jubilation!!!"

He's doing laundry right now while I'm typing this... Obsessive, you think?

(Side note: This outfit matches wonderfully, eh?)

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kirstin said...

my mom is a laundry nazi like andy! when she came to help out after burke was born, she did so much laundry that I associated the smell of clean laundry with burke... :) oh yeah, and the water police of aurora came by to see why our water use was so much higher in june- no kidding.
I love it!