Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Play Village

Meet Jazmine. Jazmine's friendship is one of the biggest blessings I've received as a result of working at the bank. She is such an encouragement and really loves people and loves Jesus!!! And, we eat chocolate covered strawberries and guacamole together while listening to Tejano music. It's fun. You should try it sometime.

Meet Saylor. Saylor is Jazmine's cousin. She is 2 1/2 years old and is very, very smart. So smart that she was moved up a grade in school. She's also lots of fun!

Last night Jazmine, Saylor, and I decided to go play at the Play Village park. I've been wanting to go to this park for years now. In fact, every time we drive by this park, I tell Andy how much I want to go to this park. He's probably glad we went so I'll stop bugging him about it. It's an enormous park and is made literally to look like a village. It was every bit as exciting as I had imagined it to be.

And, there were bunnies. Herds or flocks or packs or whatever large amounts of bunnies are called. Here's a little bunny just chillin.
I was looking for bunnies with Saylor and a little boy at the park came along to look with us. He was soooo excited about the bunnies and so he joined in with the fun. His parents who were looking on then asked me if I am a teacher. I said no, to which they replied, "Really? Because you seem like a teacher. You have that peppy teacher personality."

Hmmm.... I'm just not sure what to think about that comment. Peppy teacher personality? I don't think I want a peppy teacher personality. I think if I had that I'd have to wear Christmas and 4th of July sweaters or something.

Jazmine and I were talking with Saylor and I asked her what color her shirt is. "Pink", she said. "Well, what color is Jazmine's shirt?" I asked. "Blue," she said, "Blue is for boys. Boys wear blue." "So, does that make Jazmine a boy?" I asked. She looked at me with a very puzzled look on her face. And ignored my question. The jury is still out on that I suppose.


Anna said...

Don't worry. You don't have a peppy teacher personality. :D
Isn't that play village fun? I went with Jason and Shannon and Joel one time. :)

jordan said...

Do they make 4th of July sweaters?

Alissa said...

oh, they do. they make them for every holiday for teachers. christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, easter, 4th of july, MLK... Hmm... i haven't seen those yet, but they probably have them in the teacher supply catalogs. there is no month too hot for a teacher to wear a ridiculous sweater.