Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 Things We've Decided Drive Us Crazy

As Andy and I were falling asleep last night, we were discussing things that drive us crazy. He asked the profound question - what is our list of 10 things that we've increasingly realized drive us crazy? Here is our list, in no particular order:

10. Cheap toilet paper.
9. Hardcore fundamentalists.
8. Jean shorts.
7. One-uppers (the person who always has to have one up on you with every story).
6. Undisciplined children.
5. Canned music.
4. Retired people who feel entitled to everything.
3. Pointless shopping.
2. Fast food.
1. Television

What would be on your list?


Ben said...

American marketing, poorly designed things (tools mostly), the media, toe nail clippings, the lady at our Convention who demanded we disallow entrance to anyone with a tattoo, politicians, bad drivers, arbitrary cultural dos and taboos (baby boy = blue, baby girl = pink, etc.), college sports, vehicle owners with such a blown up sense of entitlement that they take up two parking spaces. Aahhh, I feel a little better! -Beth Simons

Alissa said...

beth, you are most definately one person who i figured would have a good answer to this one.

i thought of you today at the man when a retard was taking up two parking spaces. drives me crazy...