Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do cowboys ride horses or cows?

Andy got a phone call today from Davis - our good friend's Kevin and Kristin's 4 year old boy. The conversation went something like this:

Davis: "Hi. Do cowboys ride horses or cows?" (No introduction, of course.)
Andy: "Hi Davis." (He figured out who it was on the other end right away.) "Cowboys ride horses."
And in the background, he hears Kristin yelling, "I told you so, Davis!"

Apparently they were having a very important argument about whether cowboys ride horses or cows. Davis insisted they ride cows (which I can admit would be logical), and to settle the argument Kristin suggested that Davis call Andy and ask him. Andy always wins arguments about such things, I can assure you.

Maybe they should be called horseboys?

(I thought this was a fun picture of Andy with Davis from last summer.)


Anna said...

Maybe they should be called horseboys. That's funny! Boy howdy does Andy win such arguments. :D

mrs.fitz said...

i told Davis that Andy was qualified to answer such questions! :)