Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

In response to Brian's blog, I will post seven random things about me. Hopefully Andy will post about himself too.

1. I fell into the water fountain at the local mall when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It was terribly embarrassing to me at the time and for about 10 years after.

2. I own about a dozen whoopie cushions. It used to be more around two dozen, but we lost some during one of our whoopie cushion parties. These consisted of several grown adults playing with whoopie cushions for hours on end. Also, one time Andy and I decided it would be funny to leave a friend a voicemail of just a whoopie cushion going off. Unfortunately, when they heard the voicemail it sounded more like a faint cry for help, which alarmed them and caused them to call several people we know to make sure we were ok.

3. I have webbed toes. It's genetic. And no, it does not make me swim faster. I had a friend in high school who thought it would be funny to buy me toe socks.

4. I read people.com . I know you probably think of me less now that you know this about me, and I probably would too if I was you.

5. Two of the things I beg my husband to do the most are 1) learn about and watch football with me, and 2) please don't do laundry so much.

6. I think babies just look adorable when they cry.

7. When I was a child I wanted my name to be Jolissa.

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Anna said...

Those are incredibly random things!!!! Funny. Andy, lets hear about you.....!!!!!