Saturday, February 2, 2008

This banjo kills kittens.

Tonight I went with my good friends Ben and Beth to hear a folk singer named AJ Roach. This is the second time I have heard him in concert. The first time was probably three years ago when Andy and I stumbled upon him at a coffee shop here in Lubbock. Because Lubbock isn't the most artsy place in the world (understatement), he was virtually ignored at that concert, except for a few people like us who were eating up his music. Much to my delight, he stopped through Lubbock on this tour and I was able to hear him again. It was a small venue with not much more than twenty people in attendance - one of those that are so incredibly amazing because you are so close and can really savor the music in such a small setting - but at the same time you almost feel bad that not more people are enjoying it.... Anyways, if you haven't heard of AJ Roach, check him out, .

And yes, this is a picture of his banjo, which I found amusing.

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John L. said...

Yeah he does some cool music. I feal sorry for him though because the people who apretate him in Lubbock are in many cases to snoby. The others have never heard of him.