Monday, February 18, 2008

Diversity and the Church

Andy and I have been doing a little bit of research here lately on diversity in the church and why we even need diversity. Here is a quote I stumbled across that I really liked:

"'Church' is not an event. It is people—people whom God calls us to love. What is more, it is in a very important sense an involuntary community of people: we don’t choose our brothers and sisters—God does. And sometimes (oftentimes) those people are not terribly compatible with us—not the people we would choose to hang out with. But it is this very incompatibility that is so important, for at least two reasons. First, learning to love the people I don’t like is by far the best way to learn how to love (it’s easy to love people I happen to like). Second, the church is supposed to be a sociological miracle—a demonstration that Jesus has died and risen to create a new humanity composed of all sorts of people.” Charles Drew

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Anna said...

wow. Drew is so right!