Sunday, March 8, 2009

God's Work and Money

"But in many cases what God wants is not a money contribution, but personal consecration to His service abroad or the giving up of a son or a daughter - more precious than silver or gold - to His service. I think a collection tends to leave the impression that the all-important thing is money, whereas no amount of money can convert a single soul. What is needed is that men and women filled with the Holy Ghost should give themselves to the work. There'll never be a shortage of funds for the support of such people."

- Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor was notorious for refusing donations at his speaking events. He felt very passionate that people did not need to be swayed by an emotional appeal, but needed to be compelled by the Holy Spirit to give. People often thought he was crazy for this, but time after time God proved Himself faithful to supply the finances for His work.

I'm praying this week that the Lord would bring up such people who are passionate about making his glory known in all the earth!

Please join me in prayer for our good friends Drew & Jordan and Chase & Brittany as they visit the Middle East this week and next week with the view in mind of long-term work in the area where there are currently no known believers. Check out their websites for more specifics.

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Brittany said...

thanks friend! i love you guys and am so thankful for your friendship.. thanks for last night- that is what true community is all about. can't wait to share stories while smoking shesha in two weeks!