Friday, March 20, 2009

Legal Online Stalking

If Facebook or MySpace was set to where every time you looked at someone else's profile or viewed their pictures, a message was sent to that person simply stating that their page had been viewed by you, would you be less likely to view their profile or pictures?

Why or why not?


The Miersma Family said...

no, cause i usually leave some sort of evidence by wall post or comment that i'd been there...i do wish more people would leave comments on our blog though...there are people from all over looking and i have no idea who they are (just an idea about where they're from because of the site meter), let alone how i'd know them! you know?

i like seeing old faces on your's and jord's blog and like being able to "know" what's going on... :)

Alissa said...

you are really good at that!

it's interesting how the internet has made viewing private things (like family pictures, or intimate thoughts) very accessible to the public, and how easy it is to know a lot about someone while that person doesn't know that you're aware of these personal details.

i need to comment on your blog more often!