Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 24th

People who were born on March 24th:
  • Peyton Manning, the NFL star
  • Harry Houdini, the escape artist
  • Gorgeous George, American professional wrestler
  • Tommy Hilfiger, the clothes designer
  • Fanny Crosby, the blind hymn writer
  • Steve McQueen, famous actor
  • Lawrence Furlinghetti, beat poet
  • My sweet husband
Other random facts about March 24th:
  • It was the day that Elvis Presley was officially inducted into the US Army.
  • It is World Tuberculosis Day.
Fun facts to know and tell about Andy's birthday:
  • He shares a birthday week with both of his brothers. He shares the birthday month with both of his brothers, his dad, me, my sister-in-law, and a niece. This makes March busy.
  • Because he shares birthdays with both of his brothers, he never had his own birthday party until he was a grown man.
  • One of his favorite presents was a green John Deere tractor on his 3rd birthday.
  • As long as he can remember, his parents have given him $25 for his birthday. His comment on this is, "$25 was worth a lot more as a 5 year old child than it is as a 29 year old man." This year the stakes were raised to $50.
  • Andy was named after a country western song "Me and Little Andy". That's it's own post...
  • On his 29th birthday (today), he is having a concert with Andy Wilkinson and some friends at La Diosa in downtown Lubbock
I love you, sweet husband!!!


The Miersma Family said...

what a precious little picture that is! i love old school pics! :)
and what fun facts!!! all three boys on the same day! wow! how far apart are they? just curious...
happy birthday andy!

Andy said...

Thank you! And, just to clarify my brothers and I share a birthday week, not the same day. We are all exactly three years apart and the dates are March 24, 27, and 29.