Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th

People who were born on March 12th:
  • Mitt Romney, 2008 Presidential candidate
  • Jack Kerouac, American beat poet
  • Jesse Fuller, writer of the song "San Francisco Bay Blues"
  • Ron Jeremy (don't ask if you don't know)
  • James Taylor, really, really great musician
  • Me
Random Events in History from March 12th:
Fun facts to know and tell about my birthday:
  • It has always been on Spring Break (except in college).
  • In college when it was not on Spring Break, I skipped class so that I could say I never had to go to school on my birthday.
  • On my 11th birthday I begged my parents into letting me get my ears pierced for the first time, only to find out that I can't wear earrings because my ears get infected from them (except for my cartilage).
  • I never had a sip of alcohol (with the exception of spiked ketchup) before my 21st birthday. I had a margarita to celebrate that, but didn't enjoy it at the time.
  • My 26th birthday (today) will be celebrated at Chuck E Cheese's.


Brittany and Chase said...

happy birthday dear! hope ya'll had fun at chuckE cheese!! see you soon! love you!

The Miersma Family said...

aw!! happy birthday!!! sorry i'm a little late!